Our online meetings in 2023

We meet online every 4th Thursday night of the month (7.25 – 10 pm) – if you are new to the group, just drop us a line and we’ll invite you for the online meeting:

  • 26th of January
  • 23rd of February
  • 23rd of March
  • 27th of April (cancelled due to King’s Day)
  • 25th of May
  • 22nd of June
  • 27th of July(cancelled)
  • 24th of August
  • 28th of September
  • 26th of October
  • 23rd of November
  • 28th of December

Our café meetings in 2023

We meet in person in Literair Café de Graanrepubliek (Gedempte Kattendiep 11, Groningen) every 2nd Thursday night of the month (7.30 – 10 pm). If it’s your first time, we appreciatie a short email beforehand: Thanks!

  • 12th of January
  • 9th of February
  • 9th of March
  • 13th of April
  • 11th of May
  • 8th of June
  • 13th of July
  • 10th of August
  • 14th of September
  • 12th of October
  • 9th of November
  • 14th of December

Friday 9th of June: poetry reading at synagogue Groningen

Poetry is something that brings people together, people from different cultures, religions but also from different eras. On Friday June 9th Synagoge Groningen hosts ‘A poetic evening’. The event consists of a lecture given by em. Prof. Dr. Wout van Bekkum. Van Bekkum will speak about Jewish Poetry in the Middle Ages, hymns from Baghdad and songs from Andalusia. After this members of the Groningen Poetry Stanza will share poems they have written after their visit to Synagoge Groningen.

The event is free to attend!
Synagoge Groningen, Folkingestraat 60
Friday June 9. – 7.45 pm (synagogue open at 7.30 pm)

Watch & hear us read our poetry!

Wow, so many opportunities to listen to the poems of our group members!

On the 19th of April some of us will read at another perfectly cosy and chaotic night of Natte Neuzen at Proeflokaal Hooghoudt (Zuiderdiep, Groningen). It’s free to attend. Check for more info.

On the 26th of April (the night before King’s Day) Lionel, Nikki and Cecile will perform their love (and heartache) poems at Kings Night Exclusive : Love Poems at Le Petit Theatre (Le petit théâtre 19 Kolendrift 9712 MT Groningen). It promises to become an awesome evening! Get your tickets here (with some discount, because we love you):

Poetry week: Exhibition Groningen Poetry Stanza

Thursday the 12th of January through Thursday the 9th of March 2023 the walls of Literary Café De Graanrepubliek in Groningen will be filled with poetry by eight poets of the Groningen Poetry Stanza.
Poets that will display their work are:

  • Judith Wilkinson
  • Fokkina McDonnell
  • Cecile Bol
  • Ferdinand Lewis
  • Lionel Newman
  • Michael Wilkinson
  • Hawun Ratuharati
  • Joel Benson