Our online meetings in 2023

We meet online every 4th Thursday night of the month (7.25 – 10 pm) – if you are new to the group, just drop us a line and we’ll invite you for the online meeting: info@groningenpoetrystanza.nl.

  • 26th of January
  • 23rd of February
  • 23rd of March
  • 27th of April (cancelled due to King’s Day)
  • 25th of May
  • 22nd of June
  • 27th of July(cancelled)
  • 24th of August
  • 28th of September
  • 26th of October
  • 23rd of November
  • 28th of December

Our café meetings in 2023

We meet in person in Literair Café de Graanrepubliek (Gedempte Kattendiep 11, Groningen) every 2nd Thursday night of the month (7.30 – 10 pm). If it’s your first time, we appreciatie a short email beforehand: info@groningenpoetrystanza.nl. Thanks!

  • 12th of January
  • 9th of February
  • 9th of March
  • 13th of April
  • 11th of May
  • 8th of June
  • 13th of July
  • 10th of August
  • 14th of September
  • 12th of October
  • 9th of November
  • 14th of December

Who the * do we think we are?

We write poetry in English. During our meetings we share our work to get constructive feedback. Some call this ‘workshopping’ and they are probably right. Everybody is welcome during the open meetings/workshops of the Groningen Poetry Stanza, as long as you bring some English poetry you wrote and are willing (or rather, hoping) to receive feedback. We can guarantee you: your poetry will improve!

Other events are in the cards: open mic nights, exhibitions, the whole lot. View our calendar for any planned events.

Just because we can, we are an official Stanza registered with the Poetry Society. That makes the Groningen Poetry Stanza the only Poetry Society Stanza of the Netherlands. We are kinda proud of that.